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Welcome Address

arbitration2Welcome to the AICA’s website. The Institute is the first indigenous body of professional Arbitrators. The Institute in over three decades of its existence has made remarkable progress in her commitment and drive towards making Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) a veritable means for settlement of disputes by Corporate and Public institutions and the general public at large.
This feat could not have been achieved without the encouragement and financial support of our President and Chairman, the Governing Council, Fellows, Faculty, Members, partners and sponsors.

The Institute not only remains at the forefront of promoting the knowledge and practice of Arbitration, Mediation and other ADR mechanisms, it has contributed immensely in facilitating and determining the resolution of disputes for a broad spectrum of commercial and civil disputants. Thereby gaining the reputation as the preferred appointing authority and Arbitration handling Institution.

Having evolved in our over three decades of existence, we found it imperative to reposition and expand our services in order to encourage economy growth, foreign direct investment and more particularly, the development of specialized knowledge, experience and competencies in ADR in the following areas:

  •   Membership-have been increased to four categories comprising of Associates, Members, Fellows, while the Mediation programme has been upgraded to a membership status.
  •    Annual Conference-a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and engagement of stakeholders towards the development of the practice of ADR in Africa have been introduced.
  •    Committees-leveraging on the skills of members to build a robust team along sectors and expertise to enrich, integrate and bridge the gap among members and serve as the think tank for the Institute.
  •     President’s Dinner-opportunity for members, friends and key stakeholders in the ADR community to network, and exchange ideas in a lighter mood.
  •     ADR Advocacy- work towards the domestication of relevant international laws on ADR and sensitisation of key stakeholders and Nigerians in general to the benefits of ADR as a first option in dispute resolutions

    Given the new activities and additional services being offered, I sincerely hope that these will provide opportunities for more interactions and engagements amongst our members, partners and stakeholders with the Institute serving as a forum for academic and professional discourse, facilitating linkages and building synergies across professional and sectoral lines, while upholding the highest standards of professional ethics, good faith and transparency in the noble and egalitarian practice of Arbitration and ADR.

    Thank you to all our partners and sponsors, who have continued to support our activities. We trust that we will continue to work together to develop and promote Arbitration and other ADR mechanisms in Nigeria and its environs.

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