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How To Become A Member

There are at present four categories of membership of the Nigerian Institute;

  • Qualified Mediator
  • Young Arbitrators Network
  • Associates
  • Members
  • Fellows
    On the completion of the Institute’s training programme, a successful participant will be qualified to add the acronym ‘FAICA’ (in case of a Fellow); MAICA (in case of a Member); AAICA (in case of an Associate) and Q.Med (in case of a Qualified Mediator) after his/her name.
    Our Objectives
    The Institute trains and develop Arbitrators as well as promotes the use of arbitration for dispute resolution. Its objectives are to:
  • Promote and facilitate the settlement of disputes by arbitration and other methods of ADR.
  •   Improve the standard and skill and expertise of Arbitrators and those involved in alternative means of dispute resolution
  • Promote the study of arbitration law and ADR
  • Provides trainings and continuous professional development to its members.
  • Maintain and improve the standard of ethics and professional conduct in the Arbitration Profession and those involved in the alternative means of dispute resolution.
  • Invest in continuous research and review of existing arbitration and ADR Laws in Africa
  • Initiate advocacy and raise awareness on arbitration and ADR in Africa
    Benefits of Membership
  • Discounts on arbitration/ADR seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Distribution of Journals to subscribed members of the Institute
  • Inclusion in the Institute’s Faculty database
  • Admission to the Institute’s panel of neutrals for ADRs.
  • Online resource to support arbitration/ADR Research.
  • Free Newsletters and other Literatures on ADR to subscribed members of the Institute
  • Opportunity for networking with diverse Professionals.
  1. The Mediation Training Programme
    The Institute’s Mediation training – (MEDTP) is a training which teaches the practicality, processes and principles of negotiating settlements and ADR.
    This Programme is a two-day intensive training designed for professionals interested in acquiring technical conflict management skills.
    At the end of the MEDTP, participants will be expected to demonstrate an in-depth appreciation of the mediation process and features as well as abilities required for effective mediation practice.
  2. Young Arbitrators Network (Young NICArb)
    The Nigerian Institute trains and equips young people under the age of 30 with some knowledge of arbitration knowledge. This opportunity is open to law students and young practitioners from all other professional fields.
    The Young AICA Network seeks to:
    •    To provide a platform for young professionals (aged 30 years and under) to exchange ideas and experience in international commercial arbitration and other forms of ADR mechanisms.
    •    To promote the use of arbitration and other forms of ADR by young professionals as a first option for dispute resolution both nationally and within Africa.
    The applicant in order to qualify must show evidence of being within the age range, be either a law student or a professional in a recognised industry or sector, be referenced by at least two persons and successfully complete a two-day foundation training.
  3. Conventional Associate Training Programme
    The Associate Training Programme – (CATP) is for all professionals irrespective of their field of discipline, who intend to practice arbitration as Associates of the Nigerian Institute.
    This program is a two day training that offers guidelines on the emerging trends in Arbitral proceedings and other modern dispute resolution mechanisms. It uses a variety of teaching formats, emphasizes participant participation in the learning process, and provides opportunities for participants to understand the practice of arbitration and other forms of ADR.
    At the end of the program, the participants are assessed through a written examination on the lessons learnt in the classroom.
  4. Fast Track Associate Training Programme.
    The Fast Track Associate Training Programme- (FTAP) is a training programme for very busy executives and top government officials who intend being part of the arbitration and ADR world, but are not able to take part in the conventional three days training and examination programme.
    This Programme is a two-day intensive practical training course on arbitration and other forms of ADRs.
    At the end of the program, assessment of the participants will be by Peer review
  5. Membership Training Program
    The Membership Training Program (MEMTP) is for Associate members of the Institute of five years standing and professional with 10years work experience. The applicant in order to qualify for this training will show proof of having been up to date with payment of his Annual dues, participation in at least two arbitration/ADR proceedings and/or have written any two articles on arbitration and other forms of ADR. He thereafter attends the ‘Upgrade Training Program’.
  6. Fellowship Training Program
    The ‘Fellowship Programme’ – (FTP) is a training programme for seasoned professionals who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields and who are interested in practising arbitration as Fellows of the Nigerian Institute. They must also have carved a niche for themselves in the practice of arbitration and other forms of ADRs.
    It is a two-day practical training program on arbitration and other forms of ADRs.
    This training program takes participants through the fundamentals of award writing and equips candidates with skills for analysis of submissions, evaluation, compliance with relevant laws and deriving conclusions in arbitral awards. It provides them with the opportunity to acquire International best practice mechanism on Arbitration and ADRs in other jurisdictions by giving a comparative study of these practices/procedures.
    At the end of the program, assessment of the participants will be by Peer review.
    Before qualifying to participate in this program, candidates are required to submit evidence of having handled at least three Arbitration or ADR proceedings and /or have written any two articles or a book on Arbitration and other forms of ADR.
  7. Continuous Training and Development Programme
    The Institute organises seminars, workshops and symposia to expose practitioners and intending practitioners on the need to promote ADR as well as highlight its commercial and economic benefits to the development of a nation. These programmes are held every quarter in the year.
    (h) Annual Conference on Arbitration/ADR
    Through its Annual Conference, the Institute brings together experts in Arbitration and ADR to discuss national and global trends with an aim to proffering solutions to some challenges in the field. It is held once a year and is open to all professionals.
  8. Investiture of New Members/ Award Ceremony
    New members that have met and satisfied the requirement for administration and development of arbitration and ADRs are inducted in a unique and celebrated event, which culminates the Institute’s calender year.
  9. Research and review of existing legal framework on Arbitration and other ADR
    To further strengthen the practice of arbitration and ADR, AICA seeks out partners and donors to fund period research on the application and practice of arbitration and other ADR mechanism in the country. The outputs from the research works would be used to influence, review existing legal frameworks and produced as part of an on-going monograph series that will be maintained by the AICA.

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